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Many people use the word 'Brand' to mean a host of different things. The most common misconception is that a brand is the logo. While the logo is an element of a brand, it is not 'The Brand'.

A brand is a series of associations which an individual or group makes with a business/company, service, product, organisation or individual. Associations can be intentional or unintentional. Intentional association is what Ikonn provides its clients in the way of brand message, identity, target audience, mission and purpose. This is then deployed as a visual blueprint across all elements of promotion and awareness. Unintentional association can come in the form of poor operation. For example, poor customer service or substandard products all bring negative associations which can damage a brand. A strong, correct brand is essential to product or service perception.

At Ikonn, the brands we develop for a target audience are specifically designed to promote the correct perception in peoples minds. Our work intends to harness, generate, influence and control the individuals 'associations' to help that business, product or service perform better. We call upon our intelligent use of design, marketing, advertising and corporate culture to get the result you require from a solid brand.

Our branding service includes methods such as, identifying target market, naming, brand identity, brand strategy, brand positioning, visual solutions and brand guidelines.